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The Hungry, Grumpy Frog


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Since the story reaches a broad spectrum of readers, it'll be a book that can last years on your bookshelf instead of a couple.

The Hungry, Grumpy Frog, written by Jessica Huff, is an adorable story about the importance of friendship. Its cover was brilliantly crafted and immediately captured my attention, and I know it'll catch your child's eye too! The inside design was also outstanding.

Bold, beautiful illustrations filled each page. The book designer (Bryony van der Merwe) emphasized specific text using colorful fonts, enlarged key terms, and italics. This layout choice will draw the reader's eyes and hold their interest. This design will assist young children embarking on their solo reading journey. Words stand out more.

The Hungry, Grumpy Frog tells the story of a green frog whose mind is in a fog. He's hungry, tired, and grumpy. We've all had those moments when it's hard to concentrate due to a rumbling belly. Lunchtime seems years away. As the frog grumbles about his hunger, children will meet a white duck, orange fish, and a black bird who teaches the frog the importance of teamwork and accepting help from others. 

The green frog started his day with a flat belly and a frown; however, after meeting three animals, his day ended with a round belly and a humungous smile. What a great way to end a bad day! 

Multiple age groups can benefit from reading The Hungry, Grumpy Frog. Preschoolers and kindergartners can begin their reading journey with this book. It has simple text, rhyming words, and a storyline they'll want to read time and again. Thanks to various words highlighted in different colors, toddlers can use this book to learn their colors. Every age will love the bright, bold illustrations, including babies! 

Since the story reaches a broad spectrum of readers, it'll be a book that can last years on your bookshelf instead of a couple. 

Home or school, this is a book you'll want to add to your library! 

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Join a hungry, grumpy frog on his journey to finding friendship and accepting kindness from unlikely friends. A perfect rhyming book for young readers to introduce colors and thoughtful social interactions that can make a positive impact on developing brains.

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Jessica was born and raised in the town of Windsor, Pennsylvania. After graduating high school in 2010, she went into the service for almost eight years. After departing the military, Jessica finished her baccalaureate degree in integrative biology at the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2021 view profile

Published on March 16, 2023

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