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The Hoyden and the Rake


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A hoyden and a rake proving that love can overcome all obstacles, be them real or rumors.

Fiona must get married before her twenty-first birthday to receive her inheritance and live the life she has always desired. With her brother away, her relatives take charge of her life and decide to keep her fortune to themselves by pressuring her to marry her brother’s heir. Refusing to marry for anything less than love, Fiona turns into a hoyden and decides to run away until her brother’s return, but a storm renders her injured and helpless until a strange man rescues her, but she quickly realizes that she knows the man – if through reputation alone.

Phillip is a notorious rake, and the last thing he needs is his former best friend’s little sister staying at his place and destroying a part of it and a part of his emotional shield at every chance she gets.

A hoyden staying with a rake without a chaperon after running away from her family, how will their reputations ever survive this? – How will their hearts?

Fiona is a lady who is not a lady, and Philip is a gentleman who is not a gentleman, so who better to explore a historical romance through?

The lead characters are both very interesting and relatable, and the chemistry between them is palpable from the very beginning. The secrets that haunt them are revealed at an appropriate pace that utilizes them as twists that make the plot more exciting. And the additional characters serve to high light the lead ones’ personalities and advance the story.

Despite the premise of the story being a point in history, the love story that we get to explore is timeless.

The writing style is very smooth. Despite relying on many details to maintain the style of historical novels, all the scenes advance the story – one way or the other. The book is very well written and, had it come out at the time it is portraying – I have no doubt it would have been a classic by now.

I recommend this book to all those who love the classical style of writing and wish to go back to different a era - if only for the length of an amazing story.

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Published on January 18, 2022

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