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The Hitman & The Reaper


Not for me 😔

A short story based around a hitman reliving his most memorable kills.

The Hitman and The Reaper is the first released part of a short story collection, The Shady Files, by 100lick. We follow an unnamed hitman as he meets an old friend, the grim reaper. Having previously promised the grim reaper five stories the hitman entertains him as they take a walk through the night. The only request is that they resolve around victims, blood, and death.

The hitman tells the reaper five of his most memorable kills, from his first to his most challenging. The five stories may be short but they are all memorable, although not always in a positive way. One glaring example is the overused gay villain cliche that just doesn't work in a modern story.

The first couple of chapters didn't grab my attention, with a lot of unnecessary and badly written descriptions of everything, from a table to the horse's armor. Furthermore, the conversation between two 'old friends' didn't come across as comfortable, and it could do with an editor's eye across the story.

I am thoroughly intrigued by the idea behind this story and would be interested to read it should there be a rewrite to address the above issues. The ending is left ambiguous, which I think could work very well in a more cohesive story.

As this short story is based around a hitman reliving his kills, it is unsurprisingly marked as containing explicit content. Despite this, much of the explicit content is more hinted at than expressly described. As such I would suggest using your discretion, but not to avoid this short story if you tend to not enjoy graphic content, either of a sexual or violent nature.

As this will be a collection of short stories I would give any future installments of The Shady Files a try if the concept sounds entertaining.

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Published on December 22, 2019

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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