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The Green Woolen Fedora


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A poignant, whimsical and unforgettable book both adults and children are sure to treasure in their hearts.

The Green Woolen Fedora will not only capture your imagination; it will also touch your heart. Masterfully written by Deborah Stevenson and illustrated beautifully by Stella Mongodi, this is a book that’s meant to be a classic bedtime story for children from the very start.

Whimsical, nostalgic and poetic, both the book’s narrative and illustrations will carry its readers to a world where they can see their own lives in a whole new light.

Young readers can relate very well to Nora and Lenny, friends who support each other through good and bad times. Even when the most unexpected things happen, these two will show the readers what it’s like to have someone who’d find a way to help even if it means having to sacrifice something you want.

Children will learn empathy, resilience and appreciation for the lives of others. When something is important to you and to someone else, what do you do? How will you protect what’s truly worth keeping?

While dreamy and elegant in its approach, this book is packed with lessons for real life. It’s about finding the heart to relate to other people and even to other creatures. It’s about the true value of family and the memories they leave behind.

Sweet and touching, poignant and memorable, this is an adorable book that can be read over and over with the ones you love.

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Lenny would do anything for his best friend Nora. Unfortunately, he's just broken her heart. He's not sure why her hat is so important to her, only that it is, and he accidentally lost it in the wind. Now a river rat has found a surprising use for the fedora, and she refuses to part with it. She's one stubborn negotiator and, somehow, Lenny must find a way to convince her to give back Nora's cherished hat and make things right.

A gorgeously illustrated, funny, sentimental adventure that children will want to read again and again.

At a time when so many of us are forced to be apart from family and friends, The Green Woolen Fedora explores cherished mementos and how they keep those we love close, even when we can't be together. Perfect for girls and boys ages 4 and up, this story will resonate especially with children who have lost or are separated from a loved one.

About the author

Deborah Stevenson is an award-winning, American author of children’s fiction and non-fiction. Stevenson strives to empower children...to believe in their abilities, to boldly pursue their dreams, and to be creative, imaginative, and kind. Extra points if she can make them laugh. view profile

Published on April 06, 2021

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