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The Greatest of These


Loved it! 😍

A story of pain and suffering, loyalty and courage, and an ordinary woman's triumph over adversity.

I tend not to be a reader of memoirs written by the subject of the story themselves, finding them often a little narcissistic and self-indulgent. I'm not sure why this book caught my interest, but I am very glad it did. There is much food for thought within its pages.

Lori begins by providing background into her upbringing, her experiences as a wife and mother to her family. Particularly those experiences involving the family of her husband, Leigh. She explains how Leigh's family dynamic had affected him as a person, and as a husband throughout their marital relationship. Leigh had suffered from serious health problems from childhood, resulting in his need for organ transplants. Lori was very unsettled and apprehensive as Leigh faced his second major transplant. Her foreboding proved correct when a series of unexpected complications occurred within a short time, leaving Leigh utterly dependent on nursing care to survive.

Blow after blow fell upon Lori and her teenage daughter as they sought to support Leigh, stand up for his well-being, and fight their way through the contradictory opinions and advice they are given regarding his future and care requirements. Leigh’s family continued to ignore his plight other than to criticise Lori’s actions and decisions as she traversed a medical minefield.

What impressed me most was the strength, courage, and fierce loyalty Lori demonstrated to a man with whom she had 'fallen out of love' years before he came so ill. Another thread of the story is Lori's rekindled and intensified relationship with God. She frequently acknowledged Him as being the only reason she found the fortitude to fight until the battle was over.

The title of the book is taken from a passage of Scripture that lists a number of virtues expected of a Christian person but reiterates that the greatest of these is love. I think my biggest takeaway from this book is that love has many manifestations. As life events occur and our situations change, love changes with them. If you work with it, love will always be big enough, and brave enough, and kind enough to get you out the other side. I recommend this book to anyone needing a little inspiration or encouragement in a hard place.

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Runaway Train

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Writing became a way to process and express what I couldn't say, following a tragedy. After my husband's death, a strong inner prompting lead me to write the story. Maybe it was for healing or for something I don't yet understand. I live with my daughter and our dog Ruby in Ontario Canada. view profile

Published on December 20, 2019

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