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The Golden Corset


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The Golden Corset is a fantastical exploration of teen insecurities and an exploration of what would happen when a teenage dream comes true.

The Golden Corset by D. Conlin is a teenage fantasy come to life: the wallflower becoming the popular girl the other girl’s envy and the boys adore, only with a twist. Unlike in Mean Girls and the Princess Diaries were the protagonist’s transformation are in the form of a major makeover or an epic shopping trip, Sarah Johnson achieves this through magic, and like every fairy-tale has ever taught us, magic always comes with a price.

Sarah is having a bad day: her friends are being ignorant, her crush doesn’t know she exists, and her insecurities are getting the better of her. Yet when she is given a golden corset by an enchantress, her life is turned upside down. She wakes up the next day looking like a supermodel, and it seems like all her dreams have come true. So Sarah becomes Gwen, the new girl her friends are in awe of and the boys can’t help but fall over. Sarah is finally living her fantasy of being her schools It Girl. Though she soon finds that beauty comes with a whole host of new problems, and wonders if being Sarah wasn’t all that bad after all.

Aside from the tales of boys and school hierarchy, a touching note Conlin deals with is the relationship between mother and daughter. While Sarah initially sees her transformation as an improvement, her mother sees it as a problem, and doesn’t understand why her daughter would ever want to change herself. This aspect grounded the fantastical story, and allowed a window to the world outside of glamour and popularity to where this corset may not be a cure for loseritus, but a curse against individuality and an inability to conquer the insecurities every teenager has, wallflower or not.

The Golden Corset is a good fit for fans of the Netflix teen movie; a mix of cute and funny moments paired with contemplation about the value of beauty and how outward appearance affects the superficial culture of not only high school but society as a whole. Through Sarah’s journey, there is opportunity to see this common teenage fantasy from the outside, and contemplate the true value of beauty, and the treasure of learning to love yourself for exactly who you are.

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D. Golden Conlin grew up in the Bay Area, California, and graduated from Brigham Young University Idaho with a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Advertising. Learn more about D. Golden Conlin at view profile

Published on July 03, 2020

Published by Big Golden Publishing

80000 words

Genre: Chick Lit

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