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The Gift of Love


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This clever and highly readable story about nurturing and growing love will charm readers.

When two newlyweds unwrap a dull and withered wedding gift, the care and nurture it requires teach them valuable lessons about growing their love and nurturing their new life together.

Standing in their living room after their big day, two newlyweds* survey a mountain of wedding gifts. They excitedly unwrap each gift and find dinner plates, a mixer, wine bottles, his and her mugs and towels, and “even a set of personalized butter knives.” But the last present has them stumped. What is it? Who gave it to them? And why?

The last present is a drooping plant in a mossy pot. Both have seen better days. The plant looks stunted and limp. The accompanying card says the withered plant and pot are “The Gift of Love.” But neither husband nor wife can figure it out.

Together, they’re determined to diligently tend the anemic plant and bring it back to life, even when their efforts seem hopeless. Then on one inauspicious day… flowers! But the new blossoms don’t last. They soon fall off, one by one.

Undeterred, husband and wife continue faithfully caring for the plant, year after year. In the plant's seventh year, the husband decides it’s time to “let go.” After all, a plant is supposed to be pretty, isn’t it? And this plant is… Oh, wait. A closer look at the object of their lavish affection and attention reveals…. Well. You’ll have to read the rest of the story to find out what happens next.

Colorful illustrations and vivid descriptions undergird this fresh and charming read, gently reinforcing its uplifting message of hope, faith, loyalty, and love. Sentences are short and easy to digest. At just over fifty pages, this picture book for adults by Andrea Hahnfeld is a clever and highly readable book.

* Note that the newlyweds aren't humans, but creatures.

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The monsters have tied the knot. They are excited about all the presents they got. But one gift gives them a headache. What are they do with a withered plant? Both of them suspect their respective in-laws of having given them the unsightly piece...

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Andrea Hahnfeld is an indie author based in Leipzig, Germany. Having been that desperate wedding guest looking for the perfect gift many times, her illustrated book for newlyweds “The Gift of Love” makes a splendid present for couples tying the knot. view profile

Published on September 01, 2023

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Genre: Romantic Comedy

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