The Giants and the Smalls


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An allegorical story with attractive, full-page illustrations and a clear message about the power of believing in oneself

The Adventure of Rimi and Ritt revolves around two groups of people--Smalls and Giants--and their thought processes and beliefs. Smalls remained small in size, thought, and lifestyle because their beliefs were narrow, whereas Giants were large in all aspects because they thought broadly and progressively. This is a story about how Rimi, a Small, aspires to become a Giant.

The writing is direct and clear and the language is simple enough for children to understand. Certain "big" words have been introduced now and then, and it is hoped that readers will expand their vocabulary and understand the meaning of these words by the context in which they have been used.

The book is divided into sections, corresponding to each stage of the story. Moral lessons are imparted as dialogues between the main characters. The main idea of each section of the story is summarized at the bottom of the page.

Ritt is a Small who aspires to become a Giant and is willing to put in the work. Rimi is a friendly Giant who introduces Ritt to the world of Giants. Ritt's character gradually develops through the course of the book, and we get to see the change in his thought processes, step by step.

The full-page illustrations have the power to draw you in and make you pause while you contemplate the lines, colors, and tones. On their own, the pictures have the ability to tell the story. If it had such an effect on me, I can easily imagine how fascinating it would seem to a child. Mostly, muted colors have been used, and scary or sad scenes have been painted in cooler hues to depict these emotions. Happy and hopeful scenes are brighter.

The book sends a clear and powerful message: you can be whatever you want to be. You only need to believe in yourself and work towards your goal relentlessly.

This is a brilliant book to stoke every child's imagination and broaden their horizons. A list of discussion points at the end of the book is helpful in starting a conversation between children and their parents or teachers.

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The Giants and the Smalls: The Adventure of Rimi and Ritt is the story of a Small, Ritt, who believes he is capable of more, and even though other Smalls tell him becoming a Giant is impossible, or that Giants are special, Ritt decides to venture out to discover the truth for himself.

Giants and Smalls were massively different in size, but it wasn't because they couldn't be like each other. Their world is similar to ours in so many ways, and the most magical thing about it is that every Giant and every Small has a chance to reach their fullest potential no matter their history, regardless of what naysayers might say, and despite any setbacks or limiting beliefs they might have. This book teaches every child (and adult) that they are capable of great things if they will work, think, and act differently.

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Nicholas Townsend Smith (Nick) is an American author who coaches individuals around the world on reaching their potential. Nick loves discovering people's biggest challenges and helping them to find solutions; he can't think of anything more fulfilling than that. view profile

Published on December 01, 2020

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