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The Giant's Giant


Worth reading 😎

Fun Middle Grade fantasy that both my son and I enjoyed. Good intro to the world of fantasy for young readers. Some editorial issues.

This Middle-Grade coming-of-age fantasy features Brianna MineShaker as a loner giant sent by her parents and school to "Harmony," a last-stop school for students who don't fit in. NYT Bestseller Mark Cheverton has envisioned a post-apocalyptic world of giants, dryads, humans, and scavengers, struggling to keep peace among the races. Harmony welcomes students of all races except scavengers, who must survive in the nuclear-waste infested WasteLand. Harmony students who cannot succeed at Harmony face purposeless lives wandering through WasteLand.

Naturally, Brianna seeks to avoid this when she arrives at Harmony, but innate stubbornness and a confrontational nature set her against others from the very beginning. Fortunately, a Dryad named Rayel and a Human named Stannis see through her outer shell and the three become friends, just as adversity comes to test Harmony.

Giant's Giant is a fun, compelling read. My 9th grade son, an honor student who struggles with ADD, is a Cheverton fan, and he called it a "Great story, [with] compelling characters, really ropes you in."

While I enjoyed watching the story develop along well-known pathways, and think it would be perfect for readers new to the genre, anyone familiar with fantasy might find this work predictable and, in some spots, repetitive. Tighter editing might make this a more enjoyable read for careful readers, but overall, I absolutely recommend it to the target audience.

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Mark Cheverton, formally a high school math teacher, has written 24 novels based on Minecraft. These books have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, & Publisher’s Weekly best-sellers list. They have been published in 31 countries across the globe, and there are over 2 million copies in print. view profile

Published on November 09, 2020

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