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The Ghosts of Miller's Crossing


Worth reading 😎

An example of tragic editing, but a different, satisfying, and delicious ghost story.

The Ghosts of Miller's Crossing was approached by myself with no expectations, other than that I usually hugely enjoy paranormal horror. The beginning of the book introduces the reader to Edward and the tragic beginning of his life. By the time the story progresses to Edward returning to Miller's Crossing as an adult, the reader can sympathize with the protagonist's struggles and trepidation. Starting a new job as a high school English teacher, Edward is thrilled, and as a reader, I was also filled with the hope and excitement surrounding his new start in an old setting. I especially liked this early part of the book when there was mystery and discovery happening in Edward's experience. The paranormal horror only escalated from that point. I looked forward to my reading respites when I was able to consume even more of the story. Overall, it was a delicious and adequately different ghost story.

I had a few problems with this book, however. My primary issue being the poor editing. In my opinion, there were an inexcusable number of errors, including some sentences with missing or incorrect words. To a lesser degree, I was annoyed by some of the juvenile and corny phrases. Looking at the larger aspect of storyline, I did feel the ending climaxed rather quickly and concluded in as abruptly of a manner. To that end, there probably could have been more action and conflict throughout the whole book. The invention and addition of more plot points could also have lengthened this rather short novel and taken it to the next level.

While there were some disappointing negatives in Clark's book, more positives outweighed them. Many who routinely read horror will probably feel this is mild in terms of being scary and only an average read. I definitely recommend The Ghosts of Miller's Crossing to those who enjoy not-so-scary ghost stories on an occasional basis. If you enjoy an absolutely gritty, terrifying read, I might skip this one.

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Published on August 01, 2019

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