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The Ghastly Mr Denton and the Handsome Miss Jane


Worth reading 😎

The stunning events during the story's conclusion brought a spark of life to a somewhat dull read.

The Ghastly Mr Denton and the Handsome Miss Jane would make an excellent bedtime story. Why, you may ask? Well, sadly, it had me yawning and ready for a nap. There were moments when readers might chuckle, such as when Mr Adams grabbed and lifted Miss Jane's foot without permission, and she smacked him. Intelligent men know it's never wise to touch a lady without explicit permission. In years past, it was imperative one stay in their social class lane. He acted without thought and was too forward, cueing the two slaps heard around the manor. People might smirk at Mr Adam's cavalier attitude towards a bank robbery or his attempts at charming Miss Jane. He was quite the scoundrel.

The Ghastly Mr Denton and the Handsome Miss Jane did have an unexpected murder mystery, but by the time we got to it, I frankly didn't care who killed the victim (name withheld on purpose) and why. The jailhouse visit did capture my interest, delivering quite eye-opening revelations by more than one person. For those mic-drop confessions, this story salvaged itself. They almost made me forget the story's grammar mistakes. 

The Ghastly Mr Denton and the Handsome Miss Jane does precisly what its summary promises; it presents a mysterious and unconventional stranger who strolls into town and disrupts the rigid and boring social order. While I was expecting a torrid love affair from two members of opposing social classes, what I got instead was better. Readers will be stunned and speechless by the ending. It was so juicy, came out of left field, and almost tempted me into rereading it. 

Even though this historical novelette didn't wow me, DL Richards (the author) did a fantastic job delivering a twist that made me stop and say, "Well, I didn't see that coming." 

The Ghastly Mr Denton and the Handsome Miss Jane is under 50 pages, perfect for those who want a quick read during their lunch break or tea time. 

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Author of The Dolton Novelette 'The Ghastly Mr Denton and the Handsome Miss Jane', D.L Richards resides in Queensland, Australia. view profile

Published on July 26, 2023

10000 words

Genre: Historical Mysteries

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