The Germ Who Would be King


This book will launch on Mar 23, 2021. Currently, only those with the link can see it. 🔒

Worth reading 😎

Beautiful pictures! A fun fact book about COVID19 for young children. Brings a bit of light to all the doom and gloom.

The Germ Who Would Be King is a fun children's picture book, telling the story of the germ who became COVID19. He takes over the world, but soon Earth shows him he is not welcome!

I loved the illustrations, they were appropriate for the targeted age group: colourful and fun, and the author doesn't make it too scary for children.

However, I think a book with information should contain much more information. Children are smarter than you think and actually pick up a lot of facts. I enjoyed the speech injected on each page, but I feel like it was lacking important information that children might want to know.

I really like the fact that it rhymes! A lot of favourite children's books rhyme; it gets them involved in the story, they can guess what word is going to come next even if they can't read properly, I think it's a fun way to read and write a children book!

Personally, I would try to make the rhyme flow more; on certain pages it felt really clumsy and didn't follow the same beat. A tip would be to write it out in whole on a page and then break it down, rather than write it seperately.

A really great book, I enjoyed it! It was fun and friendly, and I can see it's potential to be a hit with kids! Good job!

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I love books and reading. I think everyone should be able to read anything they want. Reading is so important to our vocabulary and education, it's also a big part of growing up. Most people who don't like reading have not found the book that sparks passion for them.


There was a germ who would be king;
“I’ll rule the world!” he liked to sing.
Flying in the nose of an intergalactic bat;
His throne amongst boogers where he sat.
The Germ Who Would be King is an absurd, colourful, illustrated poem about the 2020/2021 global pandemic. The poem pokes fun at some of the scary events we are living through in a light, non - judgmental way and ends in hope and triumph. The author *may* have taken some artistic license with some of the events. People of all ages will enjoy this book.

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Thirty some years ago, I was the kid at the back of the class who cartooned all over everything. I tried growing up for a time, but gave up on that! I have three kids of my own who've inspired me to pursue this dream of writing and illustrating fun stories. view profile

Published on January 22, 2021

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Genre: Children's

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