The General's Bride


Loved it! 😍

One of the best dystopian series I read in a while. On its way to becoming a science fiction classic!

The General's Bride starts exactly where the first book in the series ended, but there is a change in pace and tone as we follow Dominia in a new place reminiscent of Alice's Wonderland.

Even if the action slows down – at least in the first half of the book – it does not affect the reader's enjoyment because of all the new things and tales we encounter. And we know nothing more than Dominia does, which makes the reading so much more intriguing and exciting. Who do we believe? Who is lying to Dominia and who is telling us the truth? And is it the whole truth?

The story becomes more and more fascinating and it quickly turns into a psychological book. The religious and social themes continue to be just as strong as in the series' first book, The Hierophant's Daughter, but the world is somewhat different as we finally meet the mysterious characters mentioned in the first book of the series.

The world continues to be unique and this time the magnificent world building continues, but on different planes and dimensions, blurring the lines between imaginary and reality.

The shift of pace and tone between the first and second book was quite sudden, but surprisingly it made the reading experience even more enjoyable. I like that we got something different, but we also learned a bit more about this world and the plot of the book. And my favourite thing in this book? The female characters are still amazing.

As you read The General's Bride, you are not sure of anything - just like our main character. You do not know who to believe and you are easily surprised by everything. This story will really blow your mind and it will make question your beliefs on death and reality.

The General's Bride was an unbelievable ride and just when you think you've made sense of things, the end is near. I cannot wait for the next instalment!

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