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The Fugitive


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After being falsely accused of murder, Lonnie is forced to become a fugitive and track down the real criminal in this gripping novel.

This exciting new book from the author of the Border Crossing Series sets a high-octane tone with much to enjoy for fans of action and adventure. It follows the fortunes of Lonnie Bowers, a former intelligence operative who thinks he has left his past life behind him. After many years spent infiltrating dangerous drug cartels in Mexico, he decides to settle with his wife and three children in the remote Canadian bush. But after a bungled assassination attempt, Lonnie's life is in danger again, and their sanctuary is not safe anymore. Matters escalate, and when a close family member is murdered, Lonnie becomes the prime suspect. Hounded by the police and forced to become a fugitive in the Canadian wilderness, Lonnie enters a race against time to find the real killer before the police track him down. Dangerous figures from his past reappear, and Lonnie realises that matters go a lot deeper than he had previously thought. Everything culminates in an intense and energy-fuelled rescue, which Lonnie will be lucky to come out of alive.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I liked how the author built up tension and intrigue throughout the plot, and sustained it right to the end! The beautiful descriptions of the Canadian wilderness that Lonnie and his family live in were especially powerful and made the setting incredibly vivid. However, I thought that there were a few too many metaphors in the first chapters which seemed stylistically out of place.

Overall, I thought The Fugitive was a great read and a real page turner - an apt addition to David Griffith's series. Readers who are after a gripping and action-packed plot will find it worth reading. I should mention that it contains some extended and sophisticated vocabulary that younger readers might struggle with. Anyone who enjoyed the Young James Bond series would enjoy this book, despite different cultural contexts. I would give it a star rating of 3 out of 5 because although I enjoyed it, I found the style of the writing was a little hyperbolic at times.

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I've always been the happiest on the back of a horse, or deep in the vast forests of my native British Columbia. When I'm not in Mexico doing research on drug cartels, I tend to a cattle ranch--and write. My writing focuses on cowboy life, and the land, from Canada to the Sierra Madre of Mexico. view profile

Published on November 16, 2020

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