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The Flower Girl


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This cautionary tale demonstrates the importance of following rules within a comfortable and accessible context.

Parents set rules down for their children in order to secure their safety, but these rules are not always easy to follow. A little girl named Grace loves collecting flowers from the land outside of her house. Grace promises her mother that she will remain in sight and not venture into the nearby forest. However, a beautiful and unusual flower tempts Grace to travel farther than she is allowed to go, and before long, she finds herself desperately lost amidst the trees. Through this frightening experience, Grace learns important lessons as she struggles to find her way back home.

This book is well designed for elementary school-aged readers. Blocks of text are found opposite full-page illustrations, incorporating both dialogue and narration into the story. The design of the book is predictable and comfortable for young readers, providing a foundation from which they can absorb the important lessons taught in the book. Several woodland friends are able to speak and understand words, and they step in to help Grace at critical moments in her journey. Fantastical in design, the overall delivery of the story reinforces the importance of listening to parents and caregivers within an imaginative context.

Digitally rendered illustrations depict Grace’s story, utilizing bright colors and expressive faces to visually represent the narrative. These images appear opposite the pages of text, providing readers with eye-catching visuals to accompany the story as it is read aloud. Occasionally, the illustrations do not accurately reflect what is written in the text which can take readers out of the story. Overall, however, the rich color and presentation of the images will engage young readers as they experience the book.

This story was originally written as a cautionary tale for the author’s children; thanks to this book, parents everywhere can now bring this important lesson into their own homes, as well. Young elementary school-aged readers will appreciate the accessibility of both the text and the illustrations whether they read the story at school or at home. While Grace’s experience can be scary at times, helpful companions and a satisfying resolution lend a sense of reassurance to children. This is a unique story that gives caregivers an enjoyable way to teach their children an important life lesson.

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Grace loves flowers and chocolate chip cookies! She likes to collect flowers for her mother, and her mother loves to make cookies for Grace. One day Grace saw the most beautiful flower and forgot a very important rule!

How will she get back home now?

Grace is learning about Obedience. It is a little rule with big consequences if not followed. Your child will learn, along with Grace, what can happen when we forget to obey.

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Published on September 13, 2021

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