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The Fixer and the Garage Door


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An empowering and heart-warming book for young ones who have a passion for helping others, especially their family in times of need.

“The Fixer and the Garage Door” by Uzoma (Uzo) Ezekwudo is the delightful story of Charlie, the responsible teenager who has the talent and the passion to fix things around the house. Living with his Mama after his father passed away, he always tried to help by being the “man of the house”.

This is a story that instills a sense of responsibility for the young. It is not only the adults that can do something for the family. Even kids can help their parents by using the talent and skills they possess. It’s such a joy to see Charlie trying to help his Mama solve some problems around the house using the special tool his Uncle Jay gave him for his birthday.

Brimming with lessons for life and matched with colorful and lovely illustrations that help create the mood for the story, this book is a treasure that can be read over and over, especially for kids who have a gift for fixing things.

I love the drawings that remind me of attractive cartoon strips where the story’s characters come to life. Charlie and his family looked so amazing and fun to be with, I could spend a day with them and never notice the time. I’m sure kids would also find it easy to relate with them and even see themselves fixing things around the house like Charlie.

This book is also realistic enough to show that there are some things that even well-intentioned young ones couldn’t do by themselves. What do you do when your efforts only seem to make matters worse? Is there still hope when the unexpected suddenly happens to you?

I recommend this book to all of those who want to teach their kids love for work, accountability for what you do and seeking help when the task at hand is more than what you are capable of. It’s a unique book meant to empower young people who should never be disheartened by temporary setbacks along the way.

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"I'm the man of the house! And, everyone knows the man of the house needs some tools to fix things around the house!"
THE FIXER AND THE GARAGE DOOR is a story of a good-hearted teenage boy who wants to take care of his Mama by ensuring that he takes care of everything in his house that needs fixing since his Papa passed away.
His uncle notices his passion and buys him "The Best Present Ever!" a hand power tool. Charlie gets to work and takes care of all the repairs.
When his Mama tells him a snake almost bites her.
It comes in through the broken seals on top of the garage door; he's baffled.
"No snake's biting anyone!" he tells himself, so he sets out to cover the holes, but he learns that fixing the garage door requires some expertise.

About the author

Uzoma (Uzo) R. Ezekwudo is an author and an exquisite hand batik artist. She is the author of LEE AND LIMBO: Friends Come and Go, Life continues and Gets Better. Uzo loves creativity, and she says, “I love to be in my creative universe because it’s peaceful, fun and therapeutic.” view profile

Published on January 27, 2021

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