The First Rock Star On Mars


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The First Rock Star on Mars is a delightful and inspirational story for anyone with big dreams and even bigger imaginations.


"The book that teaches kids to shoot for the stars. And follow their wildest dreams on Earth...or even Mars."

When a teacher asks, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” What do you say? Do you choose between a plumber, salesman, or dentist? Or do you think outside the box? After a young boy declares he wants to be the first rock star on Mars, he confidently proves that maybe his out of this world dream isn’t so crazy after all. 

The First Rock Star on Mars by James DiNanno teaches an all too important lesson that kids can be creative, and think differently than those around them without having to feel bad for it. The author does a great job capturing the wild imagination and beaming confidence of kids. His young protagonist doesn’t feel embarrassed about his dream, nor does he allow his teacher’s lack of support to stop him from dreaming big. And he refuses to sacrifice any of his creativity as he takes readers on a vivid journey to his first Martian rock concert.

The story is told in rhyming text giving it a lyrical feel. It’s a short, quick read that allows readers of any age to jump into the story. Additionally, the illustrations are spot-on with colors that pop and images that bring the boy’s dream to life.

While it’s great for families and teachers alike, the beauty of The First Rock Star on Mars is its inspirational message. It’s a great conversation starter about how everyone’s dreams are different and how even the craziest ideas can lead to new inventions and new adventures. 

This is a great read for kids of any age in need of a gentle, whimsical push to pursue their wildest dreams.

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"The book that teaches kids to shoot for the stars. And follow their wildest dreams on Earth...or even Mars."

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