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The Fancy Schmancy Lifeguard


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Gilda and Julian Boram created a book I know many kids will love as much as my child did.

The Fancy Schmancy Lifeguard: A Tale of Bravery by Gilda Boram is a story about Buddy, a black toy poodle who longs to become a lifeguard. His dream wasn't fulfilled very quickly or easily. He was met with skepticism, ridicule, and laughter on more than one occasion. 

Poor Buddy's feelings were understandable hurt.

When you and your child witness Buddy's dropped head, sad face, when others laugh at him, it'll break your heart. Julian Boram, the illustrator, did a fantastic job with every image. He made us feel what Buddy, the toy poodle, felt: sadness, joy, pride, etc. 

My daughter and I really enjoyed this story and the images. We clapped when Buddy became the hero. We laughed when he was riding the waves and jet ski. 

Gilda and Julian Boram created a book I know many kids will love as much as my child did.  Parents will love it too because it teaches children to chase their dreams, as Buddy chased after his dream of becoming a lifeguard. 

I agree with the author's suggested reading age (2 - 6 years) and grade level (preschool - 3). The text was simple. I think the only word that might confuse some readers is rip (as in tide), depending on where they live. They can pronounce it but may confuse it with rip, as in tear.

One last thing! 

BE sure and read the end credits where you'll learn a "Fun Fact."

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Buddy really, really wants to be a lifeguard.

There’s only one problem … he’s just a teeny weeny, fluffy puffy toy poodle.

He practices hard every day, because he’s just not the type of toy poodle to give up! But nobody believes he can do the job.

When adventure turns to disaster, can Buddy be the one to save the day?

A story for anyone who dares to dream big.

About the author

Gilda was born and raised in Australia. Her lifelong love of poodles began one day after school when her mum told her to take a peek inside her handbag. There she found a teeny weeny, fluffy puffy, black toy poodle puppy. It was love at first sight. view profile

Published on April 04, 2022

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