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The Experience Club: The Rediscovered Cases of Sherlock Holmes Book 7


Loved it! 😍

What's odd about the Experience Club? Find out with the greatest sleuth ever who solves another case of national importance!

Let me begin by saying that I had a wonderful time reading this book. It is a thoroughly enjoyable mystery. The story begins with an account of not one but three apparently unconnected murders. But there is someone who thinks the murders are connected and has started to dig into the lives of the victims. What happens next is an attempt of the life of the nosy Parker who manages to escape but cannot continue with the case. He is Holmes' client and this is the beginning of a rather long and complicated plot peopled with a vaierty of characters. There's also a sub plot which is dealt with seperately and serves as a 'bonus short story', if you will, at the end of the main plot.

However, the review of any pastische novel is incomplete without a comparison with the original. This book scores on that count. The author has created an authentic picture of Victorian London which is brought to life with his clever use of English in the style of the Victorian authors. The Holmesian world is complete with a client who vists the detective at his Baker street lodging, a well intnded by powerless police inspector, Sherlock's brother Mycroft Holmes, the Baker Street Irregulars, Mrs Hudson and of course Dr Watson!

I found the charcter of Holmes to be a little more garrulous than the detective of the original novels. He obliges Dr Watson whenever the latter is confused and is seeking an explanation. I also found him to be lacking in the powers of deduction that helps him 'know' a lot more about a visitor/client just by observing him. The shock factor is missed by the readers and by the characters too I suspect. But overall this is a good read and good use of time if you have ever wished the great detective had solved just one more case.

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Published on June 05, 2022

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