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The Everyday Adventures of Papa & Paws


Worth reading 😎

I enjoyed it more from my child's perspective. It was cute and heart warming.

As an adult, I finished The Everyday Adventures of Papa & Paws by Papa Paws, and thought, "that's it?"

But I saw the story in a unique light when I read it to my 4-year-old daughter. She sat quietly, which is rare, and listened and watched the story unfold in front of her. I have some theories about why.

To start with, we recently had to say goodbye to our dog. So, stories about dogs really hit a chord with her right now. After the story she asked me why the dog talked and why did she call the adults "mama" and "papa." I explained that for some people a dog is part of the family. I used our dog as an example. She is still trying to grasp why our dog is buried in the yard. I feel this story reminded her of our dog in a positive light, and I appreciated the opportunity to reminiscence and remind her that dogs are special animals and it was okay to miss our deceased pet.

I will say that the artwork for the book was lovely to look at. It was warm and inviting. The dog was sufficiently cute, and I enjoyed the pages while we "waited" with Molly Paws. I thought the lesson of the book applied to my daughter's life experience up to this point. I appreciated the positive example I can now refer to when she is impatiently waiting for me to snap to some task. The story really is a cute idea, and it's simple and direct.

If you are a dog lover, The Everyday Adventures of Papa & Paws will warm your heart. If you have an impatient toddler in your life like me, it might be a hit-or-miss thing for you. However, I applaud the love and care that went into this book, and I'm glad my daughter enjoyed it.

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Molly Paws is a sweet little doggie that has adventures with her Papa, Mama, and sisters. Today, Molly learns about waiting her turn. It’s not easy for her to be patient for her favorite after dinner treat. Will Molly get in trouble for being impatient? Will Papa make things right and reward Molly for waiting her turn?

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Nicholas J. Nawroth is Papa Paws. He is a dog lover and artist. At age 9, he created his first comic book featuring his dog, Woody, and has been drawing ever since. He has never lost touch with his childlike wonder and love of dogs, which he shares in his stories. view profile

Published on June 08, 2020

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