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The Empowered Christian Road Map: A Guide for Evangelicals: 8 Key Principles for Unswerving Faith, Laser-Focused Direction, and a Life Driven by Purpose and Action


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A must-read for seekers, new Christians, mature Christians, anyone who has questions about the Bible and Christianity.

The Empowered Christian Road Map: A Guide for Evangelicals: 8 Key Principles for Unswerving Faith, Laser-Focused Direction, and a Life Driven by Purpose and Action by Brian S. Holmes is a beautifully designed, full-color book. I love reading nonfiction books but adding splashes of color to them are genius. It makes them more engaging and less intimidating. Holmes wrote this book to be “Equal parts theology, apologetics, discipline training, personal growth, and life direction,” stating that “you’ll gain a deeper grasp of the Christian Pilgrimage and a closer relationship with God along the way.”

Holmes wrote this book so that it could be used in a variety of ways. It can be read as a whole, or it can be used in topical studies, for independent or group study. This is an incredibly smart way to do this, for it gives it a broader scope of usability, and will appeal to a broader audience. In case you do not know where you want to go in the book, the introduction has a brief paragraph outlining what is in each chapter.

In a tell it like it is way, with car analogies (which anyone can understand), colorful illustrations, and brief doses of humor this book is quite easy to follow and comprehend. This book also has “quick thought” sections, designed to really engage you in what you are reading, and make you think. At the end of the chapters there are chapter evaluations, discussion questions and then a going deeper section where you can make a to-do list of sorts, with personal goals, prayer requests and others. The author also makes mention of a companion website for additional resources!

The way this book is broken down and the concepts explained is interesting. Holmes explains things like free will, the Trinity of God, how we can bring glory to God, understanding how we have a relationship with God, bad religions, good and bad fruits, the Church, Spiritual gifts, and so much more. There is so much great information in this book, I cannot express it as well as I would like.

The section “what do you want” in chapter one really spoke to me and stomped all over my toes. I love that this author is telling us what we need to hear, in truth, even though we may not want to hear it. His points are validated well with Scripture. Another section that I really enjoyed was how Holmes included a brief history on how the Bible came to be, the canon and the reliability of it. I cannot pick a favorite chapter because they all have great value, and each would apply to different times and circumstances.

I love this book. It is extremely well thought out and thorough. I have not seen anything else like it. I would recommend this book to new Christians, mature Christians, pastors, Sunday school teachers and anyone else in ministry. I would say it is appropriate even for teenagers but would not go any younger than that. This book is even for seekers, anyone who has ever wondered, what is this Christian thing about? And what is the Bible and how do I know it is true? I read this book in a PDF format, but I would highly recommend getting in in physical form (I hope to) because you are going to want to highlight, make notes, mark spots with post-it notes, and come back to it again and again. This resource will be around for a long time.

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I am an avid book reader (book addict), I could literally spend all day reading and not get bored. We have books in every room except the bathrooms! I love learning new things through reading. *Prefer books with no profanity or explicit content.*


Is life happening to you or for you? Don't go another day struggling with fear, doubt or lack of direction! Many growth books are unbiblical or feel-good fluff that quickly fades. Combining deep biblical truths with actionable life coaching, pastor and empowerment coach Brian Holmes invites you on a journey towards a purposeful and incredible life!

This landmark work marries biblical Christian doctrine with actionable life coaching. Using cars as a metaphor for individuals, and a long journey as a metaphor for life, you'll navigate the journey. Packed with creative car metaphors and graphics throughout, every vital aspect of Christian belief and living are covered, arranged sequentially and holistically in a memorable and applicable way.

Equal parts theology, apologetics, discipleship training, personal growth, and life direction, you’ll gain a deeper grasp of Christianity and relationship with God.

YOU’LL LEARN HOW TO: think biblically; detect, diagnose, and solve problems in your life; avoid common obstacles in the future; overcome tough life challenges and setbacks; navigate touchy cultural, social, and political issues; better control your thoughts, how you feel, and what you do; and gain laser-focused direction on your mission and unique calling as a follower of Jesus for a lifetime!

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Brian S. Holmes is an Interim Pastor, Empowerment Coach, and president of MPowered Christian Ministries, an evangelical ministry dedicated to mobilizing disciples. He holds degrees in divinity and ministry and multiple certifications in a variety of disciplines and received 1.5 million impressions. view profile

Published on June 29, 2020

Published by MPowered Christian Publishing

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