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The Eight Crafts of Writing


Loved it! 😍

A handy guide for all writers. Must-have on your bookshelf! This is a writing masterclass in a book

As a writer, this book grabbed my attention with its title. The Eight Crafts of Writing by Stefan Emunds is a must-have on the bookshelf for anyone who wants a succinct reckoner for basic principles of good writing.

Presented in a crisp format, the book provides a comprehensive map to navigate the writing jungle. Writers are often distracted by the tools of the trade, the multitude of best writing practices, advice on, and criticism of the styles. They tend to miss the overall picture. They forget the joy of creating art.

Nuggets of wisdom, easy to recall definitions, and a simplistic view of concepts are the cornerstone of this guidebook. It brings forth brief comprehension of elements of creative writing that we think we know but may not have clarity on. For instance, defining a story as a genre or distinguishing a fictional piece from a nonfictional one. It talks about the techniques to convert big ideas into a masterpiece.

I realized the value of this book as I delved deeper. This is not a one-time read. It is reference material; a textbook. Highlight the nuances, make notes in the margins, view the online material, and memorize the definitions. I recommend it as a must-have for every student and pursuer of the craft of writing. Simple diagrams support the narrative. Links to external material like videos and articles enhance the reference power of the content. 

Each page will draw you in, as you consume it. It's virtually a tome because not a word is wasted; not a sentence is vagrant. It's packed with a punch, a solid dose of learning in every single line. Read the whole book in a go or pick up a section and ruminate. You must also access the website - for additional learning through maps and articles. This is a masterclass in a book!

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I author and write enlightenment non-fiction, visionary fiction (the enlightenment fiction genre), and run an online enlightenment workshop. Enlightenment and storytelling have interesting parallels, which prompted me to write a book about storytelling - The Eight Crafts of Writing. view profile

Published on August 06, 2021

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