The Eaters


Must read 🏆

A great dystopian read set in a creative world filled with fascinating monsters.

We are living in a new era; an era marked by the Abyss' ascension; an era where food, space, you name it, has become a privilege. Time is precious and, therefore, life is precious. Life isn't precious when everyone lives equally. It is now the survival of the fittest."

I had high expectations coming into this book.

And I was not disappointed.

My favourite genre to read is dystopian, and The Eaters truly encapsulated everything I love in a story. There was tension, suspense, and a whole lot of action. I found myself rooting for characters and violently cursing others because I had gotten so invested in the novel by the time I had reached just page 43.

As a writer myself, I read from both a reader and writer's perspective. And it's safe to say that The Eaters has surpassed the guidelines of things I look for in books.

Like I mentioned with my rating, it's a must-read. It reminded me a lot of The Maze Runner, so if you're a fan of that (like I am), I say give this book a shot. You might surprise yourself.

From the beginning to end, I was totally enraptured by the world, and the whole aspect of "The Eaters." They are fascinating to read about, and you could tell that the author put a lot of work into developing the creatures into something grotesque, and imperfect in its own way.

From reading his Afterword, I learned that this book showcased the way he saw the world, with flaws and all, which I think is a beautiful way of interpreting it. He even wrote:

That being said, if you understand me as a writer, you'll have a greater appreciation for my story.

And I think I did.

Overall, reading this book was a thrilling experience, one that I did not regret one bit. I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye out on the sequel very closely. (very, very closely)



I need to know what happens next!!

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Teddy Hitaffer is an 18-year-old author. At 15, he published his first book, Bravery Doesn't Come From A Copper Coin. At 17, he published his second book and first novel, The Eaters, and political allegory, Very Rare Sense. Now, he is writing the second novel in The Eaters Trilogy, The Eliminated. view profile

Published on October 23, 2021

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Dystopian

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