The Dreamtidings of a Disgruntled Starbeing: Life with a psychopathic brother


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Linn Aspen's Starbeing takes us on the human quest of letting go of fears, embracing our true selves and learning to see with our heart

Dreamtidings of a Disgruntled Starbeing: Life with a psychopathic brother by Linn Aspen is an excellent read for anyone who has ever wished to be something or someone other than who they are, or wondered why they exist, what their purpose is, why they are connected to the people that they are connected with, and how to find their way forward.

Having said, the book is not an entirely easy read. Relying hugely on mysticism and religion, mixed with philosophy and fantasy, the book, should the reader choose to more than skim the book, will take some time and introspection to obtain the same spiritual development that Klara did. Additionally, the reading may be difficult for those who are triggered by topics related to mental illness or child abuse. However, while these topics are depicted in the story, the focus is really on the journey of self healing, inner strength, and found purpose in the midst of adversity. While everyone may get something out of it, this book isn't one that you'll read in a hour or two and walk away from unaffected.

Without giving away too much, I love so much the dream conversations between Klara and the god-like Ma'iinac, where Klara is given teachings that help her to find meaning in the actions of those around her and to navigate her own reactions to to them. Yet my favorite line is uttered by Pontus who asks, "if I don’t understand the most basic thing about my existence, how can I know anything?" Profound because so many, regardless of religious or spiritual belief, have asked themselves this question in one way or another. It is the answer to this question, Pontus's, Klara's and those that we discovers for herself, that I believe sums up the entire point of the book.

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Published on February 07, 2023

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