The Dragons Blade (The Reborn King)


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Dazzling battle strategies, a unique array of characters and an intriguing storyline will keep the pages turning, readers on their toes and up way past their bedtime.

Miller’s debut and first in a brand new epic fantasy trilogy is massive, an impressive alien landscape complete with a topography to fit this remarkable tale plus the flora and fauna to fill the one-of-a-kind domain using some really impressive world building blocks. Its tight- plotted and fast paced and will keep the audience’s minds engaged, with an extraordinarily uncommon stable of characters including demons, humans, fairies, dragons and trolls. The most impressive character from this vast array of players is the main protagonist Darnuir his development is truly amazing and watching his rebirth and rehabilitation to fulfill his role of ruler is memorable. The fact that these dragons are not shape shifters but are human-like only faster and stronger is another unique aspect of the story.

The first half of the novel is devoted to setting the many stages and the second half to Darnuir’s rebirth and the beautifully bloody battles and as expected with every first in an epic fantasy trilogy with much ground to cover it does fall prey to an occasional (but very few) plot lag. The most impressive of the author’s de-riddling angles is the Hall of Memories where Darnuir gets his memories restored, and as an added benefit readers get some very important blanks filled in, plus by book’s end some shocking revelations will have readers gasping, eager for the next installment and more questions answered.

Be prepared to be wowed by dazzling battle strategies, unique characters and an intriguing storyline that will keep the pages turning, readers on their toes and up way past their bedtime. Fans of the hard fantasy of Mark Lawrence and George R.R. Martin will devour this novel.

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Published on February 17, 2017

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