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The Die Is Cast


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The quest for the Last Supper Dish of Jesus Christ leads to zany adventure.

From the Shroud of Turin to fragments of the True Cross, religious relics attract devoted pilgrims. They also generate revenue and status for those who possess them. Hence, the fanatical search for the Last Supper Dish, as told by Heights & Woodhouse in their offbeat novel, “The Die is Cast" (TDIC).

Finding the Dish is a worldwide obsession. Purportedly, the Vatican owns the Dish, but many believe that it is counterfeit and the real Dish remains hidden wherever the Four Keepers stashed it during the fall of Constantinople. A confederation of zealots called “Dishers” promote the quest, and prominent among them is the wealthy heiress, Lady Jane Whitaker. To Jane, the world is divided into Dishers and Dish-deniers, “and it was the duty of Dishers not only to find the Last Supper Dish but also convert Dish-deniers to the belief that it was possible to find it.” Jane has no qualms about spending the family fortune to finance her sacred pursuit.

The eccentric cast of characters in TDIC all have different stakes in finding the Dish. Partners Ray Cozart and Natalie Ashbrook are filming a documentary about the Dish, although their relationship is strained over an affront for which each expects the other to apologize. Archaeologist Adam Burke is motivated by academic ambition, coupled with an ardent desire to defeat his rival. Bestselling author Steve Finder worries that finding the Dish might undercut his series of Dish-related adventure novels. The beautiful but conniving curator of the Istanbul Museum of Ancient History, Zainab Ayhan, isn’t above using her feminine wiles to secure the Dish. Even the Catholic pope and the Orthodox patriarch have vested interests in getting the Dish.

The dynamic between various characters and their conflicting agendas generates the novel’s momentum and sets the stage for its droll humor. The authors use satire and caricature to create funny situations, although there are few zingers or outright jokes (apart from the hilarious blurbs from mock reviewers in the book’s frontispiece). I consider TDIC more of an adventure novel with comedy than a comedy with adventure, but – tuh-mey-toh, tuh-mah-toh. 

This is book one in the “Lady Jane and the Last Supper Dish” series, of indeterminate length. That’s unfortunate, because it feels like one more chapter could have wrapped it up. TDIC would’ve been fine as a standalone. Sure, I get it – it’s great for marketing; but must everything be serialized?   

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Gregg Sapp is author of the “Holidazed” satires. To date, five titles have been released: “Halloween from the Other Side,” “The Christmas Donut Revolution,” “Upside Down Independence Day,” “Murder by Valentine Candy," and the latest, "Thanksgiving Thanksgotten Thanksgone."


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Heights & Woodhouse met during their graduate studies in literature. They began writing novels to make each other laugh. Heights especially likes tall tales, while Woodhouse enjoys old saws. As they both have a taste for the absurd, they're currently writing a quest for the Last Supper Dish. view profile

Published on September 23, 2021

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