The Destiny of the Wolves


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A magical, yet stirring story about a pack of wolves that needs to find their destiny in a landscape where man poses a threat.

The Destiny of the Wolves follows a pack of wolves sent on a mission by their ancestors to find their destiny. It gives voice to the wolves' inner minds and we get to know each wolf in the pack through their actions and dialogue. The main character is Kushi, who is the leader of the pack. Through the story we meet the other members of the pack and get to know them and what struggles, joys, worries and regrets they carry with them. The wolves set out on a mission after Kushi receives a vision from the ancestors about the destiny of the wolves, and what is at the beginning a mission to turn a frightening future around, turns into a story of not only redemption, but also understanding and gaining of wisdom.

The Destiny of The Wolves mixes fantasy and mystical elements with ancient lore as well as real life problems. The wolves are on a mission of survival for their species - or so they think, but in the end they find a balance between two opposites. Everything in the story works well - the characters are well-developed and the story comes full circle. The growth that takes place in the wolves' characters are weaved into the arc of the story and one sees them change perception as the story unfolds. The main conflict plays off like an old wild-west movie, but instead of cowboys facing each other off, it is wolves against wolves and man against man. The moment when all seems lost, is the moment when the mystical elements step in and save the day.

I recommend The Destiny of the Wolves to anyone that likes fantasy, nature, ancient lore and some mysticism in between. It's a beautiful story with lessons to learn for both man and animal. This book is not hard to read, chapters are short and in between there are also beautiful sketches of the animals. At its heart the book talks about change that is often difficult and also asks for sacrifice, but the sacrifice that is made, brings a wonderful balance between the world of man and wolf. Definitely a worthwhile read - well done to the author who wrote the book.

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Paola Giometti is a writer with a PhD in Natural Sciences. When she was 11 years old, she was the youngest writer in Brazil. She wrote the Tales of the Earth series, made up of The Destiny of the Wolves, The Code of the Eagles and The Call of the Bison. She currently lives in Tromsø, in Norway. view profile

Published on August 27, 2020

Published by Underline Publishing

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