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The Death of Mr. Jeffcoat



An adult fictional government crime story by Robbie Hoffman.
This novel tells the story of an innocent Brass Caster that spent years trying to gain his innocents in a small city that was filled with local and national corruption. It’s based on how the American government spent millions of dollars trying to destroy the political career of Mr. Jeffcoat, one everyday nobody.
Crossing paths with a future candidate for office that ends up in the same boat as Jeffcoat.
It takes you through the process of how the American government and local personnel can choose to use power, millions of tax dollars, and wasted years trying to destroy one person’s political career. Only to find out their necrotic nature cultivated the collective destruction of their integrity in the community on how they have handled everything else in their lives.

Chapter one:

  I have said it many times before and I make a point of bringing it up in many conversations when psychology becomes the conversation piece. During my years of studying the art and discipline of psychology, I have found it truly amazing that during my entire life, thus far, never have I ever experienced such a phenomenon as to be sitting in various psychology classes and experiencing the kindness and genteelness of so many warm hearts. Every class I have attended during my major that wasn’t a psychology class, I have witnessed many different personalities and most of them have the same trend of the modern cliché of the average traditional student. Playing video games, dressing very casual--even sometimes lazy--apparel and most of the time either partying or planning their next powwow. I have been told many students quick fix to writing a paper was cutting and pasting right from Wikipedia and as well using a past paper with a slight edge to it. And even admitting it on Facebook at times. I have witnessed many students writing a paper and drop boxing it right before class as quick as they would dress without showering after waking late from a long night of brewhaa, and smelling like mind you. But every single class I have attended thus far in the major of psychology, I have been overwhelmed by the true beauty and care of every psychology student I have witnessed in every class. It’s as though they were destined to take up others pain and grief and damn well know that its right for them and that they have a serious load to take up in their future and are driven for more. Every student has a different meditating concentration and a look of blessed empathy that I have never witnesses in my many years of work and pre-undergraduate life.

  The idea of the higher thought process and understanding of human behavior, with many contributors throughout history, all coming together for thousands of undergraduate students to set themselves up for a lifetime of burden with other people’s problems, you would think that many of these students would be stressed to the bone and on edge walking around with a continuous frustrated face of no sleep. However, to my amazement, in the look of every student is a true humble nature. And the atmosphere, or I should say aurora, of every classroom, is truly amazing. Not to mention the caring undertone in their speech of every student’s answer, individual and different, but yet they care in their way all the same. A speech with pure love and true kindness, for empathy for others.


  Far different then the crappy side of life before I went back to school in 2002. I was very into mindfulness and meditation at this point in time and had many hours dedicated to pretty much getting lost in the world of silence. I was working at a gas station at this time in Green Bay Wisconsin. The very fact that two younger co-workers were always taking advantage of my passive nature and made it hard on me. Always calling in sick to go out on a date and or because their too hung over. I still treated them great never the less and sure enough it always came back to me. More of their bull and more days of working spontaneous doubles. One was a drunk, on a daily basis, and thought it was funny, and the other had a passion as a drug addict; usually Molly was her passion.

   Defiantly different from the present air of being around psychology students.

   One of the girls I worked with was part of my inspiration for taking on a heavier load with my studies. She was working 4 jobs and attending school for two majors. She was one of the very few that always had my back and I never could understand how she could always have such a great sense of humor with so much on her plate. She was as humorous as one be. Very intelligent and out spoken. Long blond hair and always had plenty of guys flirting with her. She was always trying to push me to go back to school.

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I studied Psychology at the University of Wisconsin Stout, as well as the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. I did some graduate schooling in psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and the University of the Southwest. view profile

Published on May 05, 2020

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