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The Darkness of Day


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Only in the darkness can you see the stars-Martin Luther King Jr. The Darkness of Day by S.V. Brosius.

Clarabella Moore is convinced that she's just an ordinary mouse of a person. Her life is filled to the brim between her parents, university studies, and work. But in the night, under the cover of darkness a sexy stranger slips in and out of her dreams. All the while whispering things.... The Darkness of Day by S.V. Brosius.

Imagine Clarabella's, or Clare as she is sometimes called, surprise when this stranger steps out of her dreams and into her reality. Completely knocking her humdrum life for a loop. Some unknown shadowy characters have come for her and she knows not why. One night after work she's attacked by something clearly other worldly. But, she's saved in the nick of time by a vampire named Chasis (even his name is sexy). It seems that Chasis is a member of a group of vampires who call themselves the Brotherhood of Sacred Light. There is a danger brewing, not just in the world of vampires, but other supernatural beings as well. And a mysterious villain threatens to expose the brotherhood's most prized secret.

In the Foreward of The Darkness of Day, the author lovingly dedicates the book to anyone who has ever felt like they don't belong. And for those of us who have felt out of place she has created a world that is a much needed oasis. Especially for anyone who has dreamed a dream or longed for something more in their life, only to have their dreams shot down by others (particularly family members). Readers are treated to a heroine who doesn't know her own worth. Only to watch her blossom under the love of a masculine, virile, and charmingly seductive gentleman. Excuse me vampire. And our hero doesn't disappoint. Chasis woos Clarabella with slow sensual caresses and punishing passionate kisses.

I give The Darkness of Day by S.V. Brosius 4 out of 5 stars for being the light that shines into the darkness of the little known world of vampires. Who knew vampires have their own church and watch television?

So, is Clarabella truly worthy to co-exist in the world of the supernatural? Can she overcome her feelings of inadequacy and be the anchor to this world that Chasis desperately needs her to be?

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Published on January 17, 2023

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