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The Dark Light: Gate Key Chronicles: Book I


Loved it! 😍

This is a little book filled with big ideas. I would recommend it to every Middle Grader!

Have you been looking for a page-turner to offer your middle grader and budding bibliophile? Then, “The Dark Light: Gate Key Chronicles: Book I” is the book for you. This story has amazing characters, multiple plot twists, and a storyline that will capture their attention!

Jimmy Mankins is a boy in Cottonwood Grove, who has just lost his mother. Amelia Miller is the new girl in town, and Jimmy finds he is strangely drawn to her. Little does he know, she has the key to fixing the deteriorating relationship between himself and his father. But they must overcome the dark forces together to solve the puzzle of their own mysterious existence.

Without a doubt, this story will captivate your middle grader's mind, as it did my own, leaving you a little less unresolved about the meaning of life. One of the reasons for this is the fact that J.G. Blodgett created strong likeable characters in this tale. Not only do they embody positive attributes like love, kindness and forgiveness, but their magnetism helps to move the story along.

However, if I had to give one feedback, I would say include more drawings since this can be classified as Middle Grade Fantasy. But, this may just be a preference. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the story immensely.

As such, I would recommend this book to every Middle Grader! I love the idea of making the new kid, the light that has come. This is sure to be a hit with many tweens!

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J.G. Blodgett is a fantasy novelist, children’s book author, and screenwriter, born and raised in Southern Nevada. He now resides in beautiful Northern Arizona, where he will spend the rest of his days living for his God, loving his family, and creating art through writing, photography, and film. view profile

Published on December 25, 2020

60000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

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