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The Curse of the Black Cat


Loved it! 😍

If I could nominate the first Disney gay prince, Prince Alrik of Edan would definitely have my vote.

"What do you deserve?"


I'm pretty easy to lure into reading a book: a cat on the cover. A cat in the title. Black cats are especially irresistible. Sprinkle in bits and pieces of magic, humor, a feel-good romantic tale, and a Fairy DragMother to boot, then consider me your slave~♥


Lou Wilham’s The Curse of the Black Cat has all of these and so much more. Just from reading the synopsis and the first chapter, I knew I was going to be in for a treat. And wow, what an absolute treat this was! It is the kind of book that just is and does not try to be anything but. It sets out to tell a romantic tale between two guys finding love in the most unexpected way, bringing fairy tale and magic into a modern setting to teach us an age-old lesson about what true love really means, and it does just that. It stays clear on its intentions and the core message it aims to impart; maintains writing that is easy to read, yet hits deep when and where it intends to; stays within the boundaries of its wordcount and never gets bogged down by too many complicated subplots and emotions.

It’s just Alrik and Yuuki and this is their story. I get to simply settle into that and truly feel every endearing moment, every bolt of protective jealousy in Alrik’s tiny feline heart, every painful crack of Yuuki’s heartbreak, and then finally sigh into the warm promise of their happily-ever-after.

I also found myself chuckling at those little shots of humor in the narrative voice, the dramatic ironies, and the quirky yet adorable interactions between Alrik and his Fairy DragMother, Gwydion.

(That being said, one of my favorite parts of this book is the author saying that there’s more of Gwydion and their curses coming. Oh, yes please!)

Sometimes, less really is more and I find this especially true in Lou Wilham’s book. Even its core message can be summed up in a four-word question that can make most of us stop and think for days and yet find no clear answer for: What do you deserve?

It took centuries for Alrik to truly understand and find his sincerest answer to this question. His and Yuuki’s story also teaches us that true love is more than just finding the right person. It’s about finding someone you can be your truest self with, whatever form they may take.

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Published on October 27, 2019

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