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The Curse of Steel


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An epic fantasy that reminds of the old tales of the gods, Vikings and Norse folk. Be prepared to be taken back to a time forgotten by many.

The Curse of Steel is a fantasy book about the adventures of Krava and her tribe in an ancient kingdom that has to win wars and make difficult choices. Krava , whose name means crow, is a fierce warrior in her father's tribe and eventually becomes the leader after her father gets killed in an ambush with fierce opponents. She then inherits a sword that has a curse on it, and she is eventually forced to make some difficult decisions to save her tribe and potentially the kingdom. However the sword gives her strength and insights into human minds and she makes a mistake in trusting the sword, yet in the moment where she ends someone's life she sees the sword only showed part of the truth and she walks away with deep regret. The conflict for her is the balance between the curse of the sword and the protection of her tribe - one that doesn't always play out how it should.

The Curse of Steel reminds me of old stories of Norse gods and Vikings alike. The names of the tribes, the gods they worship and the way everything plays out in the book has a very fantasy like feeling to it. The descriptions in the book or each character and the landscape fits in with the whole story. The humans are depicted with struggles and joys, and you feel like you're watching a movie about Thor in a different setting. It's a fresh take on ancient myths perhaps, but it is done well. The writer creates a very believable world and each character fits into the story smoothly and without trouble.

Anyone who likes to read fantasy and elaborate world building will enjoy The Curse of Steel. It takes you away to far-off places that were once believed to be real by our ancestors and tells a good tale in the end. I highly recommend this book and can see it taking a proud place among others of the same theme. It's a great read and one I thoroughly enjoyed.

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Published on October 04, 2020

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Epic Fantasy

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