The Crossing (Arlan's Pledge Book One)


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A fantastic historical fantasy novel that avoids much of the copy-and-paste feel that haunts others.

The Crossing is book one of Jenn Lees Arlan's Pledge series. This historical fiction story takes place on Earth and Dál Gaedhle, a world similar to the UK of past days, including but seemingly not limited to historical Scotland in its culture, but also very different. Dál Gaedhle is a land of clever mages, fierce dragons, and battle-hardened warriors. This outstanding land and our own Earth are connected via portals, allowing travelers to stumble between them occasionally. In the case of The Crossing, Arlan, a battle-hardened prince, stumbles mid-battle out of Dál Gaedhle and straight into the path of Rhiannon, a modern-day Scottish woman as she does her best to defend herself against the scummy type of man who pops up everywhere in our modern world. Naturally, they two grow close after he saves her. I wish I could go into more detail about this story, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Multiple stories are going on in this epic tome.

The Crossing is an exciting story that mixes authentic historical aspects with those of an amazingly created magical world. The level of world-building that Jenn Lees has put into her world is comparable to many fantasy classics. Much of the story involves descriptions of dragons and magic and the various magical implements and locations used in the story. The author's great details about these beings or objects are super fascinating. As stated above, the cultures we are given for this are similar to historical Scottland. However, it does have its differences. I found picking up the similarities between fictional and real cultures very fascinating. Beyond world-building, the characters of this book are unforgettable. They span from noble warriors fighting with the desire to do what is right by their people to orphaned women with a limited grasp of their past to mages with secret plans. Each character has its personality and feels like its own person, whether from Earth or Dál Gaedhle. Jenn Lees avoids the copy-and-paste feel that haunts many otherwise amazing stories.

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Australian nurse turned writer, Jenn has travelled extensively and lived on three continents. Scotland remains her source of inspiration. She loves walking through a forest or climbing a mountain for the view. Her only disappointment in life is that time travel is not possible... apparently. view profile

Published on November 18, 2022

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Fantasy

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