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The Cries of the Butterfly


Must read 🏆

A rare book that leaves you feeling empty as you turn the last page. This book held my heart captive with a gamut of emotions.

I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. My views are not influenced or have any bias for the writer or publisher.

I don't know where to begin with to review this masterpiece. In the beginning I was skeptical about the story since the title seemed to be fragile. I was expecting floodgates of tears with a melodrama rolling. Nothing could have prepared me for the onslaught of emotions that I faced while turning each page. Each page compelled me to read further. It was with a dejected heart that I kept the book down when it ended, wanting to read more.

This is not just a family saga, but an emotional journey of several characters whose lives are intertwined with each other. Each story is unique and heart rendering. The characters are all believable and at times you would find yourself associating some nature traits with someone you know.

The author does a marvelous job of giving an introduction to the backdrop of the novel. The prologue though a long one creates a perfect setting for the book. Yet I am stuck looking for words to praise the work that deserves an applause.

The story is a chain upon chain of stories of the main characters. Its hard to decide where one ends and the other begins. To giveaway the crucial links would mean unraveling the pleasures hidden in the stories. The novel is set in New Halcyon, which is a sovereign city-state in the North Pacific Ocean.

The novel is in essence the story of three butterflies :Wolf Butcher, Savannah and an innocent child, Robin. It is their cries or rather their silent cries that forms the crux of the novel. Wolf butcher is a famous actor and also the youngest member of the Butcher family, who rule New Halcyon. He is deeply in love with Savannah, a beautiful woman with a sordid past. His life takes a dive when in a flash he loses all that he holds precious; his family and his beloved daughter. Robin and Savannah become his lifeline and reason to resuscitate to life again.

Life had other plans for him. Just when he feels that he can settle down, he is thrown into a tumultuous ride of his life where he needs to choose between Savannah and Robin. What ensues after that will keep readers on the edge. Just when you think you can predict the next events, the author lands with an unpredictable twist leaving you out of air.

It is love story, a family saga, a story of parental love, of friendship, of forgiveness and an all encompassing love. This book will definitely restore your faith and belief in the goodness of the human heart. The author leaves no page upturned in giving a glimpse of the inner workings of the characters. Be it their pain, their sorrow, their fears, their passion or simply their cries. Each emotion is reflected and makes way into your heart. You will cry out aloud in pain with them , rejoice in their happiness, coil in fear with them and feel one with them.

PS.: Be sure you carry tissues. This will make you cry in pain, with happiness, in fear and in grief. A must recommend for all.

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At this stage, i, the author, am the least important commodity. The Book, 'The Cries of the Butterfly - a LOVE STORY' or 'CBLS' is all that counts. Later, i shall tell you a little about myself. For now, let The Book speak for herself. view profile

Published on September 01, 2021

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