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The Corral Ring


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A richly-layered epic fantasy that pulls you in and delights until the end.

Ezekiel Stone only ever wanted one thing: to be recognized as a wizard of Norwich. Unfortunately, while he possesses some magical talent, it isn’t enough to qualify him as a sorcerer. They only acceptable alternative, to serve in the tower guard, seems like little more than a slow death to Zeke, but what magic he does possess makes him a perfect candidate. If nothing else, at least he will still be in the tower, among the magic he longs so desperately to wield.

It seems like an acceptable compromise until his first day on the job almost gets him killed. Catapulted into a conspiracy that could start a war between multiple kingdoms and tear apart more than the human realm, Zeke must help uncover the mystery of an ancient relic that shouldn’t exist in this plane and figure out what to do with it before it falls into the wrong hands.

Set in a historically altered United Kingdom, The Corral Ring blends traditional elements of epic fantasy with fairy lore and Arthurian legend. The worldbuilding is richly layered, the magic system deeply thought out, and the characters complexly developed. The plot moves at a nice pace, keeping readers intrigued without losing or overwhelming them. There are even a few plot twists delivered in such a way that attentive readers suspect them moments before they are revealed, which gives the satisfying sense of being in on the surprise without feeling that the story is predictable.

I enjoyed The Corral Ring a lot, and I look forward to the planned sequels, but I have to recommend it with a caveat – there are frequent grammar and typographical errors, as well as several instances of phrases that are confusing because of missing words. While these things did not occur often enough to make me abandon the book, due to the enthralling nature of the story, they were frequent enough to be distracting. That being said, The Corral Ring is a good read that kept me engaged until the end.

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Thomas Richards is a software engineer and law graduate, who, while aspiring for a career in those fields, discovered an appetite for fantasy fiction – specifically sword and sorcery. In 2017, writing became the outlet for his creativity, and in late 2019, his passion drove him to take it further. view profile

Published on May 16, 2020

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