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Humorous, well paced novel that makes its reader question what technology has in store for us and what role will the AI play in it.

“The Code – If your AI loses its mind, can it take meds?” is a thought-provoking novel that makes its reader start asking big life questions. Gene is an AI who is threatening to destroy the moon after he develops schizophrenia. He believes that what he does is right and so he needs to be stopped. The mission to do just that is led by Gene’s two creators, Liam and Cletus. After several unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the AI from Earth, the decision is made to physically shut Gene down forever to protect the future of Humanity.

The Code is a perfectly paced read, it is neither too slow nor too fast, any new concepts and characters were introduced at the perfect moments. It did not feel dragged out either, everything that happened had a purpose. Liam, as one of the protagonists, is a troubled character, who is fighting against his demons with the use of a unique playlist. I did listen to two or three songs that were mentioned, and I can honestly say I never heard anything quite like it. It was a nice addition to Liam’s personality, his little quirky trait. It made him more believable.

The novel is humorous to a small extent - it is done well; however, I wouldn’t mind if there was a bit more of it. It felt scientifically cold at times, where whole paragraphs would be dedicated to technical issues and I suppose it would have been nice if they were broken up with more jokes and the likes in between.

One of the best features of this novel, in my opinion, is the ending itself. It leaves at a place where a reader is satisfied with everything that has happened, yet it leaves a window cracked open to the possibility of a sequel. It is magnificently done, the balance between the two is simply perfect.

I would love to give this novel 4 stars however there were a significant number of mistakes and typos in the edition that I had. Simply due to the sheer volume of them, they became quite apparent and disrupted the smoothness of the read.

I would highly recommend “The Code”, especially to Science Fiction fans who want to ponder about the future, the role AI is going to have on it and the questions we should be starting to ask ourselves.

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My name is Joanna, from Dublin, Ireland. I am a scientist by training, however through my blog and Instagram account, I try to combine my passions for reading and photography in a fun and creative way!

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In my professional life I work in IT where AI is becoming prevalent. The behind the scenes work, along with my past at the intersection of technology, business and people lets me speculate on the future. I also have 5 years as a broadcaster in community radio-(Radio Marinara and Comedy Obscura) view profile

Published on March 31, 2020

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