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The Cat Ninja and a Cabal of Shadows


Loved it! 😍

Ninjas? Swords? Stealth in the night? These are the thrills that draw kids to read, and The Cat Ninja and a Cabal of Shadows has them all!

The Cat Ninja and a Cabal of Shadows is a fun-filled, mysterious adventure for young readers. Its classic plot of childhood trauma turned revenge mission is exciting, yet it delivers so much more than just furry entertainment. The Cat Ninja and a Cabal of Shadows has lessons to share with those who will listen.

In his delightful writing style, Erik DeLeo immediately plunges the reader into the darkness of a covert mission that is being executed by none other than Miko – the cat ninja. When the mission fails, a delicious cat-and-mouse banter arises between Miko and her agent, Sukoshi. I love the quip and humour carried out between ornery Miko and peppy Sukoshi, and the chemistry between them continues to entertain to the end.

But there’s more. The Cat Ninja and a Cabal of Shadows engages the reader with suspense, deep emotion, and believable conflict. I especially enjoyed the contrasting themes of friendship and betrayal. It is a beautiful story about family, loss, love, anger, faithfulness, respect, and dealing with the past.

From the perspective of a reviewer who holds a Christian worldview, I believe that the good in this book far outweighs the questionable. I would recommend The Cat Ninja and a Cabal of Shadows for ages 8 and up, with the understanding that their parents are aware of the following content:

  1. The main character wears an omamori (a Japanese amulet or good luck charm), visits a temple, and makes passing references to praying to her ancestors and mother.

  2. There are references to foul language, but nothing is explicitly stated. (eg. “Startled, Miko jumped straight into the air, spouting a slew of foul language.”)

  3. There is fighting, but nothing graphic.

In the wise words of Kobayashi, Miko’s sensei: “I am not perfect. You are not perfect. The planet is perfect in its imperfection.”

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Erik DeLeo was born in Rochester, NY. He grew up reading fantasy and science fiction and avoiding the sun. He now lives in Santa Monica, California with his cats Barnabas, and Caia. He doesn't charge them rent even though they eat a lot. view profile

Published on February 28, 2020

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