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The Case of the Locker Room Thief


Worth reading 😎

Students may love it. The connection to STEM was great but there were a few storylines intertwining that made it hard to follow at times.

As a former teacher, I still enjoy finding books that I can recommend to students. This may be one of them. It's an empowering story about a group of girls that use their love of science to help improve their school and community.

The main characters are a group of girls that love STEM. They hangout and try different science concepts while supporting each other's passions. These passions also led to my one major compliant though about the book. Each character had her own side story that intertwined with the main story. While this is very realistic to how the world works, it made the story slightly harder to follow. One chapter is about drama club, then science fair, then back to the main storyline with other subplots thrown in. For a short novel written for tweens, this was just too much.

The main plot of the story has a small mystery as the girls try to help their principal discover who is stealing from the gym's locker room. Realistic in that schools sadly always have theft, but a little farfetched because I don't think a group of students would really be given permission to set traps for their classmates, even for a good reason. The girls learn about forensic science and ask permission to set bait for the thief in hopes of catching them.

I liked how supportive the adults were in the story and that they were all there for their students. Not once did an adult say "you can't do that" but instead said "how can you do that" which is a great motivation for the students to step up to a challenge. They also showed the human side of the adults that many students don't realize. The science teacher appears grumpy until the girls actually start talking with her. The math teacher appears boring until (spoiler, sorry).

While as an adult, I had a few complaints, I truly feel that tween girls will enjoy the story and find it empowering. I would recommend this to students without hesitation.

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Having spent a career in engineering and technology, Elizabeth is now pursuing her passion to engage young women into STEM. Her grandchildren have reminded her of the joy of storytelling which she combined with her passion for STEM to write about the STEM Jets in the Stella Hudson High series. view profile

Published on December 12, 2019

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