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The Bully on Bungee Street


Not for me 😔

Great story and entertaining characters, let down by unrealistic dialogue.

I wish I'd had friends like the Bungee Street Bunch when I was a kid! What a sweet, fun and caring little group! They reminded me of the gang from Recess, a group of interesting archetypes that complement each other perfectly. The bully in the title is a nightmarish boy, so determined to spoil other peoples day that he takes every opportunity he can to ruin things for them. He's a frustrating little pain, so he's as well written as all of the characters are. One thing the story never loses sight of, is the fact that the bully only continues to bring the group of friends together.

The plot is fast-paced, and builds to a satisfying conclusion.

One issue I had, and unfortunately it's a big one, is that the dialogue is so unrealistic I couldn't help but wonder whether any thought was put into how 3rd Graders actually speak. There is a lot of dialogue, which is great, especially for the target age group, but these children talk like they're adults. Even then, they'd be very stilted adults.

There's only other detail which I found a little grating, though it may just be personal preferences, every single name in this book contains 'ee', as in the title Bungee Street. At first I assumed it was just the Bungee Street Bunch as their names sound like nicknames, until more characters, like Olee, Mr. Peecee I.T. Teacher - great pun, Principal Roundee - another funny pun). It isn't even just people names - it's objects and devices too. While it does fit in some ways, I'd be concerned about letting a child read it in case they pick up on incorrect spellings. This may just be me though.

I would still recommend this book, especially for the friendship aspects and the humour. It's the perfect length, and the pace makes you want to keep reading.

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Published on June 01, 2018

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