The Brass Starling


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Steampunk tale with an awesome portrayal of Nikola Tesla and an ordinary immigrant family with secret talents.

"The Brass Starling" by Isaac Peterson is a steam-powered adventure. This is the fantastical tale of an ordinary immigrant family struggling with a new lifestyle in New York City at the turn of the 20th century.

The father, Reuven, had once been a famous engineer, reknowned for his intricate inventions. In America, he had to swallow his pride and take on a menial job. His two daughters, each bright and talented in their own ways, were forced to forego higher education and instead work from day to night. Talia enjoyed the fleeting feeling of freedom as she performed her duties as a bicycle messenger, while Ayala strained her capabilities as a seamstress in a factory.

Although their daily lives were full of hardship in the tenements and exhausting work, the family remained grateful to be away from their war-torn home country.

When the family becomes sought out by old acquaintances, they are offered secret jobs that would enhance their income and provide mental stimulation. The family became spies at a local machine company, and soon found themselves involved in a mysterious conspiracy regarding the father's new invention and an eccentric genius by the name of Nikola Tesla.

Together, the family and Tesla must protect their world-changing inventions, and thwart the power-hungry entities such as Edison, who will stop at nothing to obtain the dramatic feats of engineering.

This story was woven with traditional Jewish rituals and historic nuance that added credibility to the fiction. I am a huge fan of steampunk, and to see Nikola Tesla portrayed as a strong supporting character was a real treat.

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Isaac Peterson is science fiction author who writes stories set in the past as well as the future. He is interested in science fiction as projections of fact. He lives in Bend Oregon with his wife and two children. view profile

Published on July 29, 2020

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