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The Box Top to Life's Puzzle


Not for me 😔

This book discusses how to solve life's problems by turning your problems over to God

The Box Top to Life's Puzzle tries to talk about how to live your fullest life. This does have a Christian slant, so know that ahead of time. The book doesn't come across as preaching, but it does offer a number of quotations from different people and sources (the Bible included).

The tone of the book is personal - the author uses "I" and talks in the first person throughout, which takes away a bit from the book. I understand the use of trying to relate by using the first person, but in this case, it isn't always successful.

One of the main tenants of the book is to accept the truth even when you don't want to. This is easy to say, but for some people, they feel that what they believe is the truth. It's hard to imagine knowing a truth and vehemently denying it. The book mentions people who think of themselves first, and discusses how that is not correct.

The underlying basis of the book is to trust in God, so if that is not your belief, you likely will not find anything redeeming about this book. If you do believe in God, then this will help to reaffirm your own personal belief system. The author uses excerpts from his personal journal/diary about times he felt that God was in control of his life. He also believes that Satan does not want him to write this book, and gives reasons for that as well.

One of "life's puzzles" the author tackles is pain and suffering. Often people who question God question why there is so much pain and suffering in the world. The author answers that with the fact that suffering gets our attention, problems teach us and pain helps us. Again, some of this may seem a little too much for those that don't appreciate Christian writing.

The book ends with some questions and answers relating to God and life. Overall, the writing style was a little rough for me. I thought it was very personal and it was similar to listening to a sermon at church.

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Instead of pursuing higher education by usual means, I have relied on God to teach me what I need to know in life. Sometimes God's lessons are painful and scary, but it has been worth it; He has never let me down, and He has always given me what it took to get my “homework” done. view profile

Published on January 01, 2021

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