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The Boss Lady Investor: You Don't Need a D!*k to Understand Money


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The Boss Lady Investor provides women everywhere with the tools to be financially free and possibly get rich.

I am not sure why so many persons believe that investing is a man’s world. However, Krista Goodrich surely dismantle such a thinking in The Boss Lady Investor. The book provides easy to follow steps for women who want to learn how to manage money, invest, and create wealth. The author shows that when women know their options, they are amazing with money.

I was attracted to the book because of the title (and especially the sub-title). Each time I see or think about the sub-title of The Lady Boss Investor, I must laugh, sometimes out loud. I could not have said it better, because for some reason there are many who believe women are not good with money. I love that the author starts off the book by reminding women to reduce debt by living frugally and understanding the basics of debit and credit. This is a great reminder for all women who are sometimes tempted to go overboard with spending.

The chapters in The Boss Lady Investor are practical and easy to understand. There are 16 chapters in the book, from being a boss lady to manifesting success. There is a chapter for just about every area that could potentially push women to financial success. There are also warnings and possible pitfalls that could potentially derail boss ladies everywhere.

Potential female investors everywhere are singing a chorus over The Boss Lady Investor. If you are ready to shatter the thinking that women do not want to learn about money, then grab a copy of this book. This is an excellent read for women who are ready to grow their bank accounts and live the life they love. It does not matter if you are a millennial or 100 years old, women everywhere can learn the art of living their best financial lifestyle with The Boss Lady Investor.

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Published on April 20, 2020

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