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The Black Fox of Beckham


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"The Black Fox of Beckham" is a magical book about being different and finding your own place among other different people.

"The Black Fox of Beckham" is a short book which tells the story of three outsiders, a black fox, a Roma woman and a girl on the Autism spectrum. Each of them understands that they don't fit in and tries to find their own place in the world. The book wonderfully conveys the message that different does not mean bad and that no one is alone, no matter what they might feel at times.

With a lot of humaneness and a dash of magic, the characters find each other and make a small community of outcasts, where they are safe from prejudice and lack of understanding.

The message of the book is truly great and for that I'm glad I read it.

What I had more of a problem with was the writing style of the book. I couldn't quite figure out if it was aimed at children or adults, as it went back and forth between sometimes too mature topics and themes, and a style aimed more at children than at adults. Heavy repetition threw a shadow at certain profound moments between characters - for example, in the scene where Fi's father meets our gang of misfit heroes and is trying, for the first time, to see life from their perspective (as people from society don't tend to accept them), we had to read for the 67th time about Silviana's description of what Gypsy, or Roma, means and how it makes her feel.

As I mentioned, I support the ideas that "The Black Fox of Beckham" tries to promote, but I did find it unnecessary to have the same thing repeated over and over again, underestimating the reader's ability to comprehend the character's troubles.

Had I read this book as a child, I would have probably not paid as much attention to the repetitive writing style, which might have influenced my appreciation of it. Nevertheless, I still think that children's books can be equally engaging for grown ups. I do think that this book could serve as good educational material for children, because it teaches understanding and compassion, not only to other adults, but also to animals, as well as promoting positivism toward people from different backgrounds and people with developmental disorders.

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Published on January 06, 2019

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