The Big Adventures Of A Little Tree: Tree Finds Friendship


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An inspiring and fun-filled book that will dare you to overcome your limits and to accomplish the deepest dreams of your heart.

Can a little tree ever dream of exploring the world? That’s what you’d find out when you read “The Big Adventures Of A Little Tree” by Nadja Springer.

Whimsical, poignant and inspiring, we can all learn something from the little tree in the story about finding the courage to accomplish what others thought just could not be done.

Out of all the creatures in the world, one would never think that it’s a little tree who’d dare to take an adventure far removed from where he was. It’s just impossible! But who can say what’s possible? And who could say what couldn’t be done? Perhaps the possibility of something all starts from within and the magic happens when one follows the vision in one’s heart.

Children would immediately find the illustrations of the book catering to their imagination and creativity. Perhaps it would even spark something in them they never thought they had.

As the little tree interacts with other children in the story, the reader would find oneself more and more immersed in the adventures of our little hero. They can start to ask questions. They can dare to envision for themselves wonders that only the young at heart can see.

Narrated in a fun way using rhymes, this book can be the perfect opportunity to join your children in an environment where they thrive most, in that place where the unexpected can happen and where you find kindred hearts to believe in you.

This book teaches one how to overcome one’s fears and how to stand up for yourself even if you’re different. It helps you believe that even when the way seems difficult, you often find unexpected help and even friends who will accept you and support you for who you are.

I love that warm feeling this book leaves those who read it. It can make you young again. If you’re still young, it can make you feel you’ve just entered a portal where you can meet unforgettable friends and learn life-long lessons that will bless your heart.

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Tree, the little hazelnut tree down by the shore has all that he needs - a beautiful home and a loving family. Still, Tree yearns to wander – and to explore the world. Although no tree has ever tried before, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done! One idea changes everything – and with the help of his friends, Tree sets off and finds more than just an adventure beyond the paths close to home.

This is the perfect picture book for every dreamer, believer and every keeper of imagination. Learn about the power of friendship and love, the importance of inclusion and the unique chances and opportunities you’re presented with when you simply think “I can do this”. Changing your mindset can change your life. Curiosity, kindness and an open heart make all the difference.

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Nadja Springer is a translator, a children's book author and the mom of three girls and one hairy teenage pup. She and her family moved to the US in 2018, which is why you will always find her on the hunt for the best bread and ice cream in town and marveling at everything that reminds her of hom... view profile

Published on December 08, 2020

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