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The Berserkers


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A records clerk find himself on the adventure of his life, when he'd rather just play Viking Metal.

Grammaticus Kolbitter is a records clerk and honestly wants to keep his day job as simple as possible, keep his head down, and be completely ignored at work if at all possible. His real passion is playing as a keyboardist in a struggling Viking heavy-metal band called The Berserkers. Living in a relatively small town, Grammaticus is certainly not prepared when he is suckered into helping with a murder investigation. A beautiful young woman is found stabbed to death and frozen into the ice at Lake Munch. She wears only a corset in Norse Valkyrie style and discarded costume wings.  As murder is not a common activity around the extremely tiny and barely funded police department of an area called Fulaflughal. Despite the fact that Grammaticus keeps insisting he is only a records clerk, he ends up on what basically boils down to a quest, complete with spiritual guides, magical friends, and heavy-metal riffs. 

While Grammaticus has one heck of a name, his character feels very familiar. Writers and musicians know what it’s like to have a day job doing something they don’t necessarily dream of in order to do what they truly love. The Berserkers has a feel of the classic hero’s journey, but with Viking Heavy Metal at the hero’s side. 

For readers who adore Norse mythology, the names and descriptions in The Berserkers by Vic Peterson are going to seem extremely familiar. I found myself laughing along and recognizing things I’ve read obsessively in books about Norse culture. Vic Peterson definitely has some knowledge of the culture.   I did find myself absolutely loving the fact that he used the name Snorri for a character, as Snorri Sturluson was the Icelandic man who ended up writing documents that preserved much of the beliefs in regards to the Norse gods.

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Vic Peterson was educated at Kenyon College, the University of Texas (Dallas) and the University of Chicago. He worked as a business executive and now divides his time between Lawrence, Kansas and Northport, Michigan. The Berserkers (Hawkwood Books April 2022) is his first novel. view profile

Published on April 15, 2022

Published by Hawkwood Books

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Genre: Magical Realism

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