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The Benevolent Lords of Sometimes Island


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Friendships and lives are put to the test in this summer adventure that turned out to be completely different than the boys had hoped for.

I think I went into this story thinking it would lean more towards the horror side because of the mention of Lord of the Flies and Stephen King, but this story focuses more on friendships, adventure, suspense, and characters. If I had gone into this story with slightly different expectations I think I would have had a very different reading experience. I would've probably enjoyed the story even more instead of waiting for something that didn't happen. But that is not the author's fault, that's entirely on me for making assumptions and reading more into the synopsis than what was probably meant to be there. 

That being said, The Benevolent Lords of Sometimes Island is a really well-written novel about an adventure gone wrong. I really enjoyed getting to know the four boys, their friendship, and to tag along on their adventure gone wrong. The way these boys love and care for each other was what made this story interesting, and you could see how that strong bond and they as characters grew as they went through some tough times together. It's also sort of nostalgic to read about friendships during the time before smartphones and internet access everywhere was a thing. It definitely had its pros and cons which we got to witness throughout this story.

I liked Scott Semegran's writing style. He writes about the boys' adventures in a way that makes it very easy for the reader to picture it all playing out, without going overboard on the details. I would've loved to have gotten to know even more of what was going through the minds of the boys while they were on the island though. But never the less, the challenges and fears they go through there were very well executed and interesting to read about. 

All in all, I really enjoyed The Benevolent Lords of Sometimes Island. It's a story that I wish I had gone more blindly into, but it still ended up being a very entertaining and interesting read. I would love to pick up more of Semegran's writing in the future. 

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Scott Semegran is an award-winning writer. New novel: The Codger and the Sparrow (TCU Press, 2024). His last novel, The Benevolent Lords of Sometimes Island, was the First Place Winner for Young Adult fiction in the 2021 Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. He lives in Austin, Texas. view profile

Published on October 01, 2020

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