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The Bar Where Nothing Works


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Worlds and galaxies collide in this science-fiction fantastical piece—or do they?

For Shan, the world around him is constantly at war. The imminent collision everyone is expecting makes this so. A clamoring for resources might not be ideal conditions for most life forms, but for a repair garage like Shan’s, business is booming. However, amidst running his lucrative business and never-ending stack of work, he must find time to make the most of his life. Can he pull himself away long enough for a decent vacation?

Adam Grzesiczak’s The Bar Where Nothing Works draws on science to bring a fantasy world—or world of galaxies, to be more specific—to life. Readers find themselves following Shan as he navigates a life of perpetual war, the balance between natural and mechanical abilities, and the larger questions in life. Without giving too much away, Shan might just be the man to save everyone from the impending collision. What he finds out could shake the very foundations of his life and many others.

The plot and characters of The Bar Where Nothing Works are well-woven. Shan’s workaholic demeanor may resonate with a lot of readers, as well as the desire to venture beyond what we know into the unknown. While this reader would have appreciated a bit more showing and less telling in some areas, there are quite a lot of details to get across to the reader in such a small space (no pun intended). And in some ways this sort of telling integrates well with the distinct tone of the narrator. This makes the text easier to read and relate to if you’re coming back to it from daily life.

So while some of the text could have used tightening up, this reader will definitely be looking for the next installment in this story. The questions left unanswered at the end of this chapter intrigue the mind to wonder what will become of Shan and his warring world. What secrets do the robots still hold? And perhaps the most important question of them all: will the wars tearing these galaxies apart ever end? 

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Adam Grzesiczak is an IT professional and fiction writer. He spends his free time writing, traveling, taking photos, playing video and tabletop games, and learning new things. view profile

Published on November 05, 2020

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Genre: Science Fiction

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