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The Awakening of a Seer


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The Seer shows believers in Christ how praying by faith in Jesus"s name overpowers and protects against seen and unseen demonic attacks.

Shari McGriff's, The Seer, is worth a first, second and third read. Her book is a fiction becomes reality kind of story; one depicting life in a community much like the ones in which we live. McGriff's writing is insightful and full of spiritual knowledge. Her writing is effective. The story shows believing readers the importance of keeping relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Christ; the importance of exercising faith and prayer, and the importance of invoking the name of Jesus when battling against evil satanic attacks.

Most endearing are the believable characters. Each role is significant, and each one kept this reader turning the pages. The plot twists through the narrative like winding rivers flow to the sea. Readers will relate to a full list of literary elements and cheer for Julie, her son, Patrick, and identify with Julie's aunt---an effectual praying woman.

Overlooking avoidable editor mistakes, I will recommend The Seer to family and friends! The author assigned exclusive chapters to evil principalities operating against the children of God. Not only did she write evil is as evil does, but she also succeeded in keeping the battle between good and evil a consistent and visual theme.

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Prologue: Malevolent: The Court

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Shari McGriff has an MA in English & an MFA in Creative Writing & teaches English Comp & Literature courses online and in-person. Shari enjoys tackling tough subjects & creating fictional characters & placing them into difficult, & even controversial, situations, which ultimately lead to redemption. view profile

Published on December 28, 2018

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