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Orphaned after the death of her parents, paranormal student Marie Parker seeks refuge in the world of Beaumont Memorial boarding School. Jerry, her best friend by her side, she is trying to momentarily forget about her troubles and lose herself in school life.
But Marie’s struggles are far from over – the school is ruled with an iron fist, the evil Mrs. Douyon Ping-Pong and Henry, her evil spouse and Hall master. Haunted by her own past, Mrs. Ping-Pong will stop at nothing to make sure the students are never free.
Beneath the merciless thumb of Mrs. Ping-Pong and Henry,. Marie and Jerry soon find themselves on a self-imposed mission and awakened, to overthrow their tyrants and free the school. They uncover the truth about their principal, and the dark secret she’s been using the paranormal students for.

was Tom. What really happened to Tom? Well, there are five stories about it, but all blend into one end. Tom had been returned to his detective father, who had later sent him off to be a part of the US army. Perhaps, just perhaps, they could find a need for him there. There was no saying that Mrs. Ping-Pong, the proprietor, feared Tom’s abilities. Not because he could  walk  through  things,  but  because  he  was  the  only  being  in  the  whole premises that she had no direct control over. When Tom walked through this same door that was before Jerry, having Marie on the other side of it, Mrs. Ping-Pong immediately phoned Mr. Fitzgerald, Tom’s father. Quietly and briskly, Mrs. Ping-Pong’s only fear was whisked out of the premises. Why was it so much of a secret,this? It was because Mrs. Ping-Pong found the only thing she could not defeat in all of Beaumont Memorial SCHOOL FOR SPECIAL CHILDREN. Yes, that was why.“You say kick through?” Jerry asked for the umpteenth time.“Stop being a weak prick,” Marie replied from the other side.“Nah. Nah. This has nothing to do about being a prick or about being weak. It's about not wanting to leave with a sore foot.” Jerry replied.“I have frozen the locks till they exploded in a blast. You only just have to kick from that other side.” Marie said.Jerry kicked. His kick was too much for what was needed to get that door opened.The huge legendary door was flying off before his eyes, although on its hinges.“Awesome!” Jerry said.He said these words not looking at this huge door in the school fly before his eye sin the power of Marie’s cold kick, but he said those words looking directly into Marie's eyes of glass. They were so beautiful. They were as beautiful as the time she was being whisked away on visiting day just twelve months ago. It was the only day in the month that visitors for the homes of special kids were allowed to visit. Marie had filled in a lie in the directory that day. Hungry for love, she lied that she had been sent by Mrs. Clair, Jerry’s mother since she could not make it to that visiting day to see Jerry. When Jerry was asked about it, if he knew her, and if she was a relative, he nodded his head in total agreement. However, not too long, Mrs. Clair herself had shown up. The dots were connected and Marie’s lies we rediscovered. She was whisked away by a heavy guard who had no single jot of patience in him.He bundled her from her waist and literally threw her outside the gates. Jerry followed till the end. What hurt Jerry the most was that the alarm had been raised by his mother. Marie had been writing Jerry since then, and they had, for a year,planned this great reunion. Jerry had brought up the idea of the rumored door of Tom Fitzgerald, the one he had passed through. Jerry had discovered this door through a tunnel and had written to Marie about its size and the kind of locks that held it shut. Jerry knew Marie also, was a special kid; she could ice an entire ocean. She said she had read that shots of ice could weaken anything and blast it. Their planning had stopped there.

About the author

As an aspiring author, Johannie Paradon hopes to tell a story that will help the people who read them, and transport them to another world. The stories she tells will be an escape from reality, one she knows will be inspiring to other authors, even in the same way other authors have inspired h... view profile

Published on July 17, 2019

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300000+ words

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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