The Awakening


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An incredible, heartwarming tale about a young man searching for the answers he most desperately craves.

If you’re a fan of a good, memorable adventure, then I think I’ve found just the thing! This one was far from what I’d normally pick up, but I loved it – it’s not often I give 5 stars to something that isn’t my preferred genre, but here we are!

The Awakening by Grant Langley follows the story of Jabuti on his quest to find his father. With the help of his two close friends, the trio trek out into the wilderness to find some much needed answers. However, with danger ahead and some unexpected setbacks, the adventure is not one they’ll forget in a hurry…

This book was a very pleasant surprise! I wouldn’t normally pick up a religious adventure book on a normal day, but I’m so glad I did. The novel reminded me of a couple of other indie books I’ve read over the last few months, including The Water Crown and This Shall Be A House Of Peace, which are quite similar in a few ways. Langley is a very talented author with a natural knack for storytelling, and this story has stuck with me more than I thought it would.

Jabuti is a very lovable character, who goes through so much to find out information he desperately needs, and his two friends, even though they can be a pain at times, really help to create a heartwarming story. This story is a true accomplishment and I’m looking forward to reading book two of this series!

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Grant lives on the south coast of the UK, where in between writing projects he indulges in a spot of kite-surfing. When the wind isn't blowing, you might well find him out on his paddle-board. Finding it too solitary to write at home, Grant plugs his earphones in and writes in various coffee shops. view profile

Published on March 05, 2019

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